Selected Publications

1. “Body mass index-independent inflammation in omental adipose tissue associated with insulin resistance in morbid obesity”
Hardy OT, Perugini RA, Nicoloro SM, Gallagher-Dorval K, Puri V, Straubhaar J, Czech MP. 2011
2.”What causes the insulin resistance underlying obesity?”
Hardy OT, Czech MP, Corvera S. 2012

3. “Congenital hyperinsulinism – a review of the disorder and a discussion of the anesthesia management.”
Hardy OT, Litman RS 2007
4. “Long-term non-surgical therapy of severe persistent congenital hyperinsulinism with glucagon.”

Mohnike K, Blankenstein O, Pfuetzner A, Pötzsch S, Schober E, Steiner S, Hardy OT, Grimberg A, van Waarde WM 2008

5. “PTU-associated vasculitis in a girl with Turner Syndrome and Graves’ disease.”
Hardy OT, Smolinski KN, Yan AC, Grimberg A. 2006