Effective Monday December 2nd 2019

Back in service 

*VITROS analysis requests from Monday-Friday and rush orders.


Effective Friday 11-01-2019

Back in service 

*FPLC Serum/Plasma Lipoprotein Particles Fractionation.

*Urine Collection Cages for mice.


Effective Monday 08-19-2019 and until further notice.

Rush orders are not accepted.
Vitros and NEFA submissions only accepted on Wed, Thurs. and Fridays.
On Fridays, no sample drop-off after 3:00 pm and unstable metabolites are not accepted after 12:00 noon (NEFA, Total Ketones, 3HB, ALKP, ATL, LDH, UPRO.
The following services will not be provided.
* Milliplex, Cytokines. As an option you can inquire the Genomics & Microarray Core Facility. https://microarray.swmed.edu/products/product/luminex-service-plate/
* SeaHorse Flux Analyzer

Metabolic Phenotyping Core

For Service requests please go to the ILab portal

 Main lab location L4.102


                         For chemistries and LC/MS/MS services contact ruth.gordillo@utsouthwestern.edu

For rodent metabolic chambers contact syann.lee@utsouthwestern.edu

Our goal is to expand the scope of techniques available to investigators, standardize key methodologies, and expedite the completion of research on diseases related to metabolic disorders (diabetes and obesity), cancer, aging neurological disorders, etc.

Preferred way of contact is Email. We provide letters of support for grant submissions both on and off campus. The Metabolic Phenotyping Core (MPC) provides state-of-the-art analytical and phenotypical measures to the scientific community both inside and outside UT Southwestern Medical Center.