Touchstone Diabetes Center

Papers of the Week

Control of adipose tissue

Monday, September 25

9:15 AM – K5.600 – in person
Touchstone Center Meeting

12 Noon – NB6.132 – hybrid meeting
Pathology Seminar
Fiachra Humphries, Ph.D.
Division of Innate Immunity
UMass Chan Medical School.”Metabolic Regulation of Cell Death”


Tuesday, September 26

12 Noon – NL6.125– in person
Cell Biology Seminar Series
Don Gammon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Microbiology, UT Southwestern Medical Center
“Unveiling Conserved Antiviral Response Pathways with Pathogen-Encoded Immunomodulatory Factors”


Wednesday, September 27


Thursday, September 28


Friday, September 29

8 AM – D1.502 – in person
Internal Medicine Grand Rounds
Peter Igarashi, M.D.
Dean, Renaissance School of Medicine
Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology
Stony Brook University
“Autosomal Dominant Tubulointerstitial Kidney Disease”

1 PM – West Campus Building 3 (WCB3), WCB3 9.808 – hybrid meeting
Endocrine Grand Rounds
Kristin Eckel-Mahan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Endocrinology
Center for Metabolic and Degenerative Diseases
UT Health Science Center at Houston
“Mechanisms of Circadian Restraint in Peripheral Metabolic Disease Progression”
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2:30 PM – virtual meeting
CORT Lecture – Center for Organogenesis, Regeneration, and Trauma
Patrick Murphy, MD, MPH, MSc, FRCSC
Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery at Medical College of Wisconsin
“Guardrails in Workforce Planning and Sustainability in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery”