Touchstone Diabetes Center

Paper of the Week

Monday, January 14

9:15 AM – K5.600        

Scherer Lab Meeting


11:00 AM – NB8.118

Angiogenesis Seminar

Tim Padera, PhD

Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School

“The lymphatic system in infection and cancer progression”


12 Noon – NB2.EEF

Lisa Coussens, Ph.D.

Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health and Science University

“Inflammation and Cancer: New Targets for Therapy in Cancer”



Tuesday, January 15


10:45 AM – Y6.224

Hypothalamic WIP

No seminar this week


12:00 Noon -­ K5.600

Touchstone Diabetes Center

No seminar this week


12:00 Noon -­ NC8.212

Radiation Oncology/MRB Seminar Series

Rolf Brekken, Ph.D.

UT Southwestern Medical Center

“Targeting pathways that drive immune suppression and epithelial plasticity in pancreatic cancer”



Wednesday, January 16


4:00 PM – NB2.101

University Lecture Series

Jean-Laurent Casanova, M.D., Ph.D.

HHMI Investigator

Professor & Senior Attending Physician,

The Rockefeller University

“Toward A Genetic Theory of Childhood Infectious Diseases” 



Thursday, January 17


11:00 AM – ND13.218

Physiology Special Seminar

Zheng Shi, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)

“Mechanical signaling at the cell membrane”


12:00 Noon – L4.176

Biochemistry Seminar Series

Matt Sieber, Ph.D.

UT Southwestern Medical Center

“Examining how dynamic changes in mitochondrial metabolism drive fertility and progeny disease susceptibility”



Friday, January 18


8:00 AM – D1.502

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

Mujeeb Basit, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine Division of Cardiology

“Bringing machine learning to the bedside: focusing clinical decision support with predictive modeling”