Touchstone Diabetes Center

Paper of the Week!

Monday, August 13


9:15 AM – K5.600        

No Scherer Lab Meeting this week




Tuesday, August 14


10:30am Noon – Y6.224

Hypothalamic WIP

Lin Jia, PhD

Hypothalamic Division

“Hepatocyte Toll-Like Receptor 4 (TLR4) in Metabolic Inflammation and Fatty Liver Disease”


12 Noon ­ K5.600

Touchstone Diabetes Center Seminar

No seminar this week




Wednesday, August 15


4 PM – NB2.101

University Lecture

Summer Break for University Lecture Series




Thursday, August 16


11 AM – (5 PM BST) On line seminar

UT Southwestern Small Animal Imaging Resource


“Multimodal cell tracking by combining gold nanorods and reporter genes”

This is a webinar recommended by Ralph Mason for the Animal Imaging Core

Registration: Follow link


12 Noon – Y6.224

UT Southwestern Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Program

Summer Break for Metabolism Seminar Series




Friday, August 17


8 AM – D1.502

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

Caitlin Holt Siropaides, D.O.

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine

Division of General Internal Medicine

“Communication: A High-Risk Procedure and the Task of Teaching Others”


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