2020/2023 Publications               


Primary Papers, Reviews and Commentaries from the Lab in 2020-2023:


Brown KA and Scherer PE. 2023

Update on Adipose Tissue and Cancer.

Endocr Rev., in press



Maya-Ramos L and Scherer PE. 2023.

The role of adipose tissue in cardiovascular pathophysiology.

Cardiometab Syndr J.;3(1):52-63



An YA, Xiong W, Chen S, Bu D, Rutkowski JM, Berger JP, Kusminski CM, Zhang N, An Z, Scherer PE. 2023.

Endotrophin neutralization through targeted antibody treatment protects from renal fibrosis in a podocyte ablation model

Mol Metab, 69:101680




Sun K, Li X and Scherer PE. 2023.

Extracellular Matrix (ECM) and Fibrosis in Adipose Tissue: Overview and Perspectives

Compr Physiol., 13(1):4387-4407



Joffin N*, Gliniak CM*, Funcke JB, Paschoal VA, Crewe C, Chen S, Gordillo R, Kusminsk CM, Oh DY, Geldenhuys WJ, and Scherer PE. 2022.

* equal contributions

Adipose Tissue Macrophages Exert Systemic Metabolic Control
by Manipulating Local Iron Concentrations

Nature Metabolism, 4(11):1474-1494




Kruglikov IL and Scherer PE. 2022.

Pathophysiology of cellulite: Possible involvement of selective endotoxemia.

Obes Rev., 26:e13517




Li C, Sun X-N, Zhao S and Scherer PE. 2022.

Crosstalk between adipose tissue and the heart: An update

Journal of Translational Internal Medicine, vol.10, no.3, pp.219-226




Zhu Q*, Zhu Y*, Hepler C, Zhang Q, Park JY, Gliniak CM, Henry GH, Crewe C, Bu D, Zhang Z, Zhao S, Morley T, Li N, Kim DS, Strand D, Deng Y, Robino JJ, Varlamov O, Gordillo R, Kolonin MG, Kusminski CM, Gupta RK and Scherer PE. 2022.

* equal contributions

Adipocyte Mesenchymal Transition Contributes to Mammary Tumor Progression

Cell Reports, 40(11):111362



Straub LG and Scherer PE. 2022.

Insulin sensitive human adipocytes for in vitro studies

Nature Reviews Endocrinology, 18(10):591-592




Crewe C, Chen S, Bu D, Gliniak CM, Wernstedt Asterholm I, Yu XX, Funcke JB, Joffin N, Oliveira de Souza C, Oh DY, Varlamov O, Robino JJ, Gordillo R and Scherer PE. 2022.

Deficient Caveolin-1 Synthesis in Adipocytes Stimulates Systemic Insulin-independent Glucose Uptake via Extracellular Vesicles

Diabetes, 71(12):2496-2512



Kruglikov IL, Zhang Z, and Scherer PE. 2022.                                                                 

Phenotypical Conversions of Dermal Adipocytes as Pathophysiological Steps in Inflammatory Cutaneous Disorders

Int J Mol Sci.; 23(7):3828



Zhu Y, Li N, Huang M, Chen X, An YA, Li J, Zhao S, Funcke J-B, Cao J, He Z, Zhu Q, Zhang Z, Wang ZV, Xu L, Williams KW, Li C, Grove K, Scherer PE. 2022.

Activating Connexin43 gap junctions primes adipose tissue for therapeutic intervention

Acta Pharm Sin B, 12(7):3063-3072




Scherer PE, Kirwan JP, Rosen CJ. 2022.

Post-acute sequelae of COVID-19: A metabolic perspective.

Elife, 11:e78200



Gliniak CM, PE Scherer. 2022.

A new signal that shrinks fat

Nat Metabolism, 4(3):305-307




Klein S, Gastaldelli A, Yki-Järvinen H, Scherer PE. 2022.

Why Does Obesity Cause Diabetes?

Cell Met., 34(1):11-20




Colca JR and Scherer PE. 2021.

The Metabolic Syndrome, Thiazolidinediones, and Implications for Intersection of Chronic and Inflammatory Disease

Mol Metab, 55:101409




Zhu Q, An YA and Scherer PE. 2022.

Mitochondrial Regulation and White Adipose Tissue Homeostasis

Trends in Cell Biology; 32, 4, 351-364




Kruglikov IL, Zhang Z, and Scherer PE. 2021.

Skin Aging: Dermal Adipocytes Metabolically Reprogram Dermal Fibroblasts.

Bioessays, 44(1):e2100207




Kim DS and Scherer PE. 2021.

Obesity, Diabetes, and Increased Cancer Progression.

Diabetes Metab J., 45(6):799-812



Crewe C, Funcke JB, Li S, Joffin N, Gliniak CM, Ghaben AL, An YA, Sadek HA, Gordillo R, Akgul Y, Chen S, Samovski D, Fischer-Posovszky P, Kusminski CM, Klein S and Scherer PE. 2021.

Extracellular vesicle-Based Interorgan Transport of Mitochondria from Energetically Stressed Adipocytes.

Cell Met., 33(9):1853-1868




Zhu Y, Li N, Huang M, Bartels M, Dogné S, Zhao S, Chen X, Crewe C, Straub L, Vishvanath L, Zhang Z, Shao M, Yang Y, Gliniak CM, Gordillo R, Smith GI, Holland WL, Gupta RK, Dong B, Caron N, Xu Y, Akgul Y, Klein S, Scherer PE. 2021.

Adipose Tissue Hyaluronan Production Improves Systemic Glucose Homeostasis and Primes Adipocytes for CL 316,243-stimulated Lipolysis.

Nat. Comm., 12(1):4829




Zhang Z, Funcke JB,, Zi Z, Zhao S, Straub L, Zhu Yi, Zhu Q,, Crewe C, An YA, Chen S, Li N, Wang MY, Gaben AL, Lee C, Gautron L, Engelking  LJ, Raj P., Deng Y, Gordillo R, Christine M. Kusminski CM, Scherer PE. 2021.

Adipocyte iron levels impinge on a fat-gut cross-talk to regulate intestinal lipid absorption and mediate protection from obesity.

Cell Metabolism, 33(8):1624-1639




Scherer PE, Gupta OT. 2021.

Endotrophin: Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Fibro-Inflammatory Saga.

EBioMedicine, 69:103447




Li N, Zhao S, Zhang Z, Zhu Y, Gliniak CM, Vishvanath L, An YA, Wang MY, Deng Y, Zhu Q, Shan B, Sherwood A, Onodera T, Oz OK, Gordillo R, Gupta RK, Liu M, Horvath TL, Dixit VD, Scherer PE. 2021

Adiponectin preserves metabolic fitness during aging.

Elife, 10:e65108



An YA, Chen S, Deng Y, Wang ZV, Funcke JB, Shah M, Shan B, Gordillo R, Yoshino J, Klein S, Kusminski CM, Scherer PE. 2021.

The mitochondrial dicarboxylate carrier (mDIC) prevents liver lipotoxicity through inhibiting white adipocyte lipolysis.

J Hepatol., 75, 387-399




Onodera T, Scherer PE. 2021.

From Friend to Foe: Proapoptotic action of nuclear ARC in diabetes.

Dev Cell, 56(6):717-718



Kruglikov IL and Scherer PE. 2021.

Pre-existing and Inducible Endotoxemia as Crucial Contributors to Severity of COVID-19 Outcomes.

PLoS Pathog., 17(2):e1009306



Hagström H, Bu D, Nasr P, Ekstedt M, Hegmar H, Kechagias S, Zhang N, An Z, Stål P, Scherer PE. 2021.

Serum Levels of Endotrophin are Associated with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

Scand J Gastroenterol., 56(4):437-442



Crewe C, Scherer PE. 2021.

Intercellular and interorgan crosstalk through adipocyte extracellular vesicles

Rev Endocr Metab Disord., 23(1):61-69




Zhao S, Kusminski CM and Scherer PE. 2021.

Adiponectin, Leptin and Cardiovascular Disorders

Circ Res., 128(1):136-149



Joffin N, Paschoal VA, Gliniak CM, Crewe C, Elnwasany A, Szweda LI, Zhang Q, Hepler C, Kusminski CM, Gordillo R, Oh DY, Gupta RK, Scherer PE. 2021.

Mitochondrial metabolism as a key regulator of the fibro-inflammatory and adipogenic stromal subpopulations in white adipose tissue.              

Cell Stem Cell, 28(4):702-717


Commentary: Cell Stem Cell, 28(4):589-591



Scherer PE, Newgard CB. 2020.

A tribute to Roger H. Unger (1924-2020).

J Clin Invest. 130(12):6191-6193.



Field BC, Gordillo R, Scherer PE. 2020.

The Role of Ceramides in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Regulation of Ceramides by Adipokines

Front Endocrinol, 11:569250



Kim M, Lee C, Seo DY, Horton JD, Park JY, Scherer PE. 2020.

The Impact of Endotrophin on the Progression of Chronic Liver Disease

Experimental & Molecular Medicine, 52(10):1766-1776



Kruglikov IL, Shah M, Scherer PE. 2020.

Obesity and diabetes as comorbidities for COVID-19:

Underlying Mechanisms and the Role of Viral-Bacterial Interactions.

Elife, 9:e61330



Zhang Z, Kruglikov IL, Zhao S, Zi Z, Gliniak CM, Li N, Wang MY, Zhu Q, Kusminski CM, Scherer PE. 2020.

Dermal adipocytes contribute to the metabolic regulation of dermal fibroblasts.

Exp Dermatol, 30(1):102-111



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Mouse Adipose Tissue Protein Extraction.

Bio Protoc.; 10(11):e3631.



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PHOSPHO1 puts the breaks on thermogenesis in brown adipocytes.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA., 117(29):16726-16728.



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The MMP-14/Caveolin Axis and Its Potential Relevance for Lipedema

Nat Rev Endocrinol., 16(11):669-674.




Zhu Q, An YA, Kim M, Zhang Z, Zhao S, Zhu Y, Wernstedt Asterholm I, Kusminski CM, and PE Scherer. 2020.

Suppressing Adipocyte Inflammation Promotes Insulin Resistance in Mice

Mol Metabolism, 39:101010




Kruglikov IL, and PE Scherer. 2020.

The role of adipocytes and adipocyte-like cells in the severity of COVID-19 infections.

Obesity, 28(7):1187-1190



Zhao S, Li N, Zhu Y, Straub L, Zhang Z, Wang MY, Qingzhang Zhu Q, Kusminski CM, Elmquist JK, and PE Scherer. 2020.

Partial leptin deficiency confers resistance to diet-induced obesity in mice.

Mol Metabolism, 37:100995




Zhao S, Kusminski CM, Elmquist JK, and PE Scherer. 2020.

Leptin: Less is More

Diabetes, 69:823–829



Voices: The Future of Metabolism. 2020.

Cell Metabolism, 31, 1, 3-5



An A, Crewe C, Wernstedt Asterholm I, Sun K, Chen S, Zhang F, Shao M, Funcke JB, Zhang Z, Straub L, Klein S, Kusminski CM, and PE Scherer. 2019.

Dysregulation of Amyloid Precursor Protein Impairs Adipose Tissue Mitochondrial Function and Promotes Obesity

Nat Metabolism, VOL 1 , 1243–1257




Kruglikov IL, and PE Scherer. 2020.

Caveolin as a Universal Target in Dermatology

Int J Mol Sci, 20;21(1)




Kusminski CM, Ghaben AL, Morley TS, Samms RJ, Adams AC, An Y, Johnson JA,

Joffin N, Onodera T, Crewe C, Holland WL, Gordillo R and PE Scherer. 2020.

A Novel Model of Diabetic Complications: Adipocyte Mitochondrial Dysfunction Triggers Massive β-cell Hyperplasia

Diabetes, 69(3):313-330




Collaborative Papers and Reviews 2020-2023:


Maya-Ramos L, Scherer PE, de Lemos JA. 2023.

Small Peptide, Large Implications: Endotrophin in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.

Clin Chem.: in press



Fu T, Sun W, Xue J, Zhou Z, Wang W, Guo Q, Chen X, Zhou D, Xu Z, Liu L, Xiao L, Mao Y, Yang L, Yin Y, Zhang XN, Wan Q, Lu B, Chen Y, Zhu MS, Scherer PE, Fang L, Piao HL, Shao M, Gan Z. 2023.

Proteolytic rewiring of mitochondria by LONP1 directs cell identity switching of adipocytes.

Nat Cell Biol., 25(6):848-864



Celen C, Chuang JC, Shen S, Li L, Maggiore G, Jia Y, Luo X, Moore A, Wang Y, Otto JE, Collings CK, Wang Z, Sun X, Nassour I, Park J, Ghaben A, Wang T, Wang SC, Scherer PE, Kadoch C, Zhu H.

Arid1a loss potentiates pancreatic β-cell regeneration through activation of EGF signaling

Cell Rep., 41(5):111581



Smith AB, Schill JP, Gordillo R, Gustafson GE, Rhoads TW, Burhans MS, Broman AT, Colman RJ, Scherer PE, Anderson RM. 2022.

Ceramides are early responders in metabolic syndrome development in rhesus monkeys.

Sci Rep.; 12(1):9960



Frankl JA, An Y, Sherwood A, Hao G, Huang FY, Thapa P, Clegg DJ, Sun X, Scherer PE, Öz OK. 2022.

Comparison of BMIPP-SPECT/CT to 18FDG-PET/CT for Imaging Brown or Browning Fat in a Preclinical Model.

Int J Mol Sci.; 23(9):4880



Wang X, Zhang G, Dasgupta S, Niewold EL, Li C, Li Q, Luo X, Tan L, Ferdous A, Lorenzi PL, Rothermel BA, Gillette TG, Adams CM, Scherer PE, Hill JA, Wang ZV. 2022.

ATF4 Protects the Heart From Failure by Antagonizing Oxidative Stress.

Circ Res.; 131(1):91-105



Zi Z, Zhang Z, Feng Q, Kim C, Wang XD, Scherer PE, Gao J, Levine B, Yu Y. 2022.

Quantitative phosphoproteomic analyses identify STK11IP as a lysosome-specific substrate of mTORC1 that regulates lysosomal acidification.

Nat Commun.; 13(1):1760



Perez-Frances M, Abate MV, Baronnier D, Scherer PE, Fujitani Y, Thorel F, Herrera PL. 2022.

Adult pancreatic islet endocrine cells emerge as fetal hormone-expressing cells.

Cell Rep.; 38(7):110377



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Integrated Stress Response Couples Mitochondrial Protein Translation with Oxidative Stress Control.

Circulation, 144(18):1500-1515.



Wang S, Zhu Q, Liang G, Franks T, Boucher M, Bence KK, Lu M, Castorena CM, Zhao S, Elmquist JK, Scherer PE, Horton JD. 2021

Cannabinoid receptor-1 signaling in hepatocytes and stellate cells does not contribute to NAFLD.

J Clin Invest., 131(22):e152242.



Onodera T, Ghazvini Zadeh E, Xu P, Gordillo R, Guo Z, Joffin N, Yu B, Scherer PE, Li WH. 2021.

PEGylated AdipoRon derivatives improve glucose and lipid metabolism under insulinopenic and high fat diet conditions.

J Lipid Res., in press




Jang AY, Scherer PE, Kim JY, Lim S, Koh KK, 2021.

Adiponectin and cardiometabolic trait and mortality: where do we go?

Cardiovasc Res. 2022 Jul 20;118(9):2074-2084



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PKM1 Exerts Critical Roles in Cardiac Remodeling Under Pressure Overload in the Heart.

Circulation, 144(9):712-727



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Regulation of cold-induced thermogenesis by the RNA binding protein FAM195A

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 118(23):e2104650118




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Characterization of ALTO-encoding circular RNAs expressed by Merkel cell polyomavirus and trichodysplasia spinulosa polyomavirus.

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PLoS Negl Trop Dis.;15(4):e0008964



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Glucagon blockade restores functional β-cell mass in type 1 diabetic mice and enhances function of human islets.

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A feed-forward regulatory loop in adipose tissue promotes signaling by the hepatokine FGF21.

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Role of ceramide-to-dihydroceramide ratios for insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in humans.

BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care.;8(2):e001860 http://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33219119/


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Tissue-specific disruption of Kbtbd2 uncovers adipocyte-intrinsic and -extrinsic features of the teeny lipodystrophy syndrome.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 117(21):11829-11835



Pedersen L, Panahandeh P, Siraji MI, Knappskog S, Lønning PE, Gordillo R, Scherer PE, Molven A, Teigen K, Halberg N. 2020.

Golgi-localized PAQR4 mediates Anti-apoptotic Ceramidase Activity in Breast Cancer.

Cancer Res., 80(11):2163-2174



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The critical role of MMP14 in adipose tissue remodeling during obesity.

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The role of fat on cardiomyopathy outcome in mouse models of chronic Trypanosoma cruzi infection.

Parasitol Res., 119(6):1845



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Klotho regulation by albuminuria is dependent on ATF3 and endoplasmic reticulum stress.

FASEB J, 34(2):2087-2104



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Low- and high-thermogenic brown adipocyte subpopulations coexist in murine adipose tissue.

  1. Clin Inv., 130(1):247-257