The Fates of Scherer Laboratory Postdocs: where are they, where are they going?


Updated Fall 2022

Currently in the lab:          Supported by:


Shangang Zhao                  K99, preceded by AHA Career Development

Qingzhang Zhu                   AHA Career Development Award

Line Pedersen                     Fulbright Research Fellowship

Leon Straub                         DFG – German Research Foundation

Jan-Berndt Funcke            DFG – German Research Foundation

Christy Gliniak                    F32 Fellowship

Chao Li                                 ADA

Toshiharu Onodera           Japan Research Foundation                                         


Past Postdocs:                   Supported by:         Current Position:


Claire Crewe                        K99, now Assistant Professor, Washington University

Aarin Yu An                         K01, now Assistant Professor, UTHSC Houston

Yi Zhu                                    K99, now Assistant Professor, UTHSC Houston

Yingfeng Deng                  ADA Career Development Award, now Assistant Professor at City of Hope                               

Jennifer Stern                     K99, now Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

Annabel Qiong Wang       K01, now Associate Professor at City of Hope

William Holland                  K99 now Associate Professor, University of Utah

Nam Pham                           Endo Fell. Progr., now Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern

Zhao Zhang                         K99 (co-mentored with Bruce Beutler) now Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern

Joseph Rutkowski             American Heart Career Development Award now Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

Ingrid Wernstedt                VINNMER Marie Curie Int. Fellowship (K99 equilvalent) now Associate Professor, University of                                                                      Gothenburg         

Jiyoung Park                       DoD, now Associate Professor, Ulsan NIST, South Korea

Christine Kusminski         JDRF, now Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern

Nils Hallberg                        Univ. Copenhagen, now Associate Professor, Univ. of Bergen

Todd Schraw                       AHA, now Professor, Southeastern University        

Kevin Williams                    K01 (co-mentored with Joel Elmquist), now Associate Professor, UT Southwestern

Congcong He                      K99 (co-mentored with Beth Levine), now Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Carrie Elks                           K01 (co-mentored with Jacky Stephens) now Assistant Professor at the Pennington BRC

Anders Berg                        ADA, now Associate Professor, Cedars Sinai, Los Angeles

Utpal Pajvani                       now Associate Professor, Columbia University

Puneeth Iyengar                 now Associate Professor, UT Southwestern



In Industry:                          Supported by:         Current Position:


Nolwenn Joffin                    Lipedema Foundation, now at Eli Lilly                                    

Andrea Nawrocki               Swiss National Science Foundation now Senior Director at Janssen Inc.

Maria Trujillo                       ADA, Senior Principal Scientist, Merck

Terry Combs                       Career Reentry Fellowship, NIH – NIDDK (declined) now Senior Scientist, Pfizer

Jeff Risheng Ye                  Columbia Berrie Diabetes Price Fellowship, now practicing MD in the State of Texas