UTSW Study Links Alzheimer's-Related Protein To Diabetes And Obesity

A new study found a protein linked to Alzheimer’s Disease also contributes to problems with diabetes and obesity.

It’s called the amyloid precursor protein or APP. That’s the same amyloid believed to form plaque that may cause cognitive decline. The study, published in Nature Metabolism, found APP occurs in far higher levels in the fat cells of mice and humans who are obese. Follow the link to read more


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Professor Philipp Scherer has been selected as repicient of the 2017 EASD–Novo Nordisk Foundation Diabetes Prize for Excellence for his outstanding contributions that have increased our knowledge of diabetes.

75th Annual ADA Banting Award

April 29th , 2015
Dr. Philipp Scherer, Director of the Touchstone Center for Diabetes Research at UT Southwestern Medical Center, will receive the prestigious Banting Medal for Scientific Achievement, the highest honor bestowed by the American Diabetes Association.