2019/2020 Publications               


Primary Papers, Reviews and Commentaries from the Lab in 2019-2020:


Field BC, Gordillo R, Scherer PE. 2020.

The Role of Ceramides in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Regulation of Ceramides by Adipokines

Front Endocrinol, in press


Kim M, Lee C, Seo DY, Horton JD, Park JY, Scherer PE. 2020.

The Impact of Endotrophin on the Progression of Chronic Liver Disease

Experimental & Molecular Medicine, in press


Zhao S, Kusminski CM and Scherer PE. 2020

Adiponectin, Leptin and Cardiovascular Disorders

Circ Res., in press


Kruglikov IL, Shah M, Scherer PE. 2020.

Obesity and diabetes as comorbidities for COVID-19:

Underlying Mechanisms and the Role of Viral-Bacterial Interactions.

Elife, in press


Dermal adipocytes contribute to the metabolic regulation of dermal fibroblasts

Zhang Z, Kruglikov IL, Zhao S, Zi Z, Gliniak CM, Li N, Wang MY, Zhu Q, Kusminski CM, Scherer PE. 2020.

Exp Dermatol, in press



Gliniak CM, Scherer PE. 2020.

PHOSPHO1 puts the breaks on thermogenesis in brown adipocytes.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 117(29):16726-16728.



Kruglikov IL, Joffin N and PE Scherer. 2020.

The MMP-14/Caveolin Axis and Its Potential Relevance for Lipedema

Nat Rev Endocrinol., in press



Zhu Q, An YA, Kim M, Zhang Z, Zhao S, Zhu Y, Wernstedt Asterholm I, Kusminski CM, and PE Scherer. 2020.

Suppressing Adipocyte Inflammation Promotes Insulin Resistance in Mice

Mol Metabolism, in press




Kruglikov IL, and PE Scherer. 2020.

The role of adipocytes and adipocyte-like cells in the severity of COVID-19 infections.

Obesity, 28(7):1187-1190



Zhao S, Li N, Zhu Y, Straub L, Zhang Z, Wang MY, Qingzhang Zhu Q, Kusminski CM, Elmquist JK, and PE Scherer. 2020.

Partial leptin deficiency confers resistance to diet-induced obesity in mice

Mol Metabolism, in press




Zhao S, Kusminski CM, Elmquist JK, and PE Scherer. 2020.

Leptin: Less is More

Diabetes, 69:823–829



Voices: The Future of Metabolism. 2020.

Cell Metabolism, 31, 1, 3-5



An A, Crewe C, Wernstedt Asterholm I, Sun K, Chen S, Zhang F, Shao M, Funcke JB, Zhang Z, Straub L, Klein S, Kusminski CM, and PE Scherer. 2019.

Dysregulation of Amyloid Precursor Protein Impairs Adipose Tissue Mitochondrial Function and Promotes Obesity

Nat Metabolism, VOL 1 , 1243–1257




Kruglikov IL, and PE Scherer. 2020.

Caveolin as a Universal Target in Dermatology

Int J Mol Sci, 20;21(1)




Kusminski CM, Ghaben AL, Morley TS, Samms RJ, Adams AC, An Y, Johnson JA,

Joffin N, Onodera T, Crewe C, Holland WL, Gordillo R and PE Scherer. 2020.

A Novel Model of Diabetic Complications: Adipocyte Mitochondrial Dysfunction Triggers Massive β-cell Hyperplasia

Diabetes, 69(3):313-330



Kruglikov IL and PE Scherer. 2019

Caveolin-1 as a possible target in treatment for acne.

Exp Dermatol. 29(2):177-183



PE Scherer. 2019.

Mechanisms Underlying the Metabolic Syndrome

Series edited by Philipp E. Scherer

  1. Clin Inv., 129(10)



Wang QA and PE Scherer. 2019.

Remodeling of Murine Mammary Adipose Tissue during Pregnancy, Lactation, and Involution

Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia, 24(3):207-212.



Kruglikov IL, Zhang Z and PE Scherer. 2019.

Caveolin-1 in Skin Aging: From Innocent Bystander to Major Contributor

Ageing Research Reviews, 55:100959



Shao M, Wang QA, Song A, Vishvanath L, Busbuso NC, Scherer PE*, Gupta RK*. 2019.  *co-corresponding authors

Cellular Origins of Beige Fat Cells Revisited.

Diabetes. 2019 Oct;68(10):1874-1885



Zhang Z, Shao M, Hepler C, Zi Z, Zhao S, An A, Zhu Yi, Ghaben A, Wang M-Y, Li N, Onodera T, Joffin N, Crewe C, Zhu Q, Vishvanath L, Kumar A, Xing C, Wang QA, Gautron L, Deng Y, Gordillo R, Kruglikov I, Kusminski CM, Gupta RK and PE Scherer. 2019.

Dermal adipose tissue has high plasticity and undergoes reversible de-differentiation in mice.

  1. Clin Inv., 129(12):5327-5342



Stern JH, Smith GI, Chen S, Unger RH, Klein S and PE Scherer. 2019.

Obesity dysregulates fasting-induced changes in glucagon secretion

J Endocrinol., 243(2):149-160


Reprint: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31454790


Zhao S, Zhu Y, Schultz RD, Li N, He Z, Zhang Z, Caron A, Zhu Q, Sun K, Xiong W, Deng H, Sun J, Deng Y, Kim M, Lee CE, Gordillo R, Liu T, Odle AK, Childs GW, Zhang N, Kusminski CM, Elmquist JK, Williams KW, An Z and PE Scherer. 2019.

Partial Leptin Reduction as an Effective Weight Loss Strategy

Cell Metabolism, 30; (4)706-719




Kusminski CM and PE Scherer. 2019.

Lowering ceramides to overcome diabetes

Science, 365(6451):319-320.


Reprint: http://science.sciencemag.org/cgi/rapidpdf/365/6451/319?ijkey=7iHpher3qVBIg&keytype=ref&siteid=sci


Crewe C, Zhu Y, Paschoal VA, Joffin N, Ghaben AL, Gordillo R, Oh DY, Liang G, Horton JD and PE Scherer. 2019.

SREBP-regulated Adipocyte Lipogenesis is Dependent on Substrate Availability and Redox Modulation of mTORC1

JCI Insight, 5. pii: 129397. doi: 10.1172/jci.insight.129397



Funcke JB and PE Scherer. 2019

Beyond adiponectin and leptin: adipose tissue-derived mediators of inter-organ communication

  1. Lipid Res., 60(10):1648-1684



Gliniak CM and PE Scherer. 2019

Critical lipids link breastfeeding to healthy adipose tissue in infancy and adulthood 

J Clin Inv., 130:2198-2200



Kruglikov IL and PE Scherer. 2019.

Caveolin-1 as a target in prevention and treatment of hypertrophic scarring

npj Aging and Mechanisms of Disease, 4:9 doi: 10.1038/s41536-019-0071-x




Bu D, Crewe C, Kusminski CM, Gordillo R, Ghaben AL, Kim M, Park J, Deng H, Xiong W, Liu X-Z, Lønning PE, Halberg N, Rios A, Chang Y, Gonzalez A, Zhang N, An Z and PE Scherer. 2019.

Human Endotrophin as a Driver of Malignant Tumor Growth

JCI Insight, ;4(9):e125094



Straub LG and PE Scherer. 2019.

Metabolic Messengers: Adiponectin

Nature Metabolism, 1, 334–339



Ye R, Onodera T and PE Scherer. 2019.

Lipotoxicity and β Cell Maintenance in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

J Endocr Soc., 3(3):617-631



Ye R, Onodera T, Blanchard P-G, Kusminski CM, Esser V, Brekken RA and PE Scherer. 2019.

β1 syntrophin supports autophagy initiation and protects against cerulein-induced acute pancreatitis.

Am J Pathol., 189(4):813-825



Kruglikov IL and PE Scherer. 2019.

Caveolin-1 as a Pathophysiological Factor and Target in Psoriasis

npj Aging and Mechanisms of Disease, 5:4. doi: 10.1038/s41514-019-0034-x.





Collaborative Papers and Reviews 2019-2020:


Zhang Z, Gallagher T, Scherer PE, Beutler B. 2020.

Tissue-specific disruption of Kbtbd2 uncovers adipocyte-intrinsic and -extrinsic features of the teeny lipodystrophy syndrome.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 117(21):11829-11835.



Pedersen L, Panahandeh P, Siraji MI, Knappskog S, Lønning PE, Gordillo R, Scherer PE, Molven A, Teigen K, Halberg N. 2020.

Golgi-localized PAQR4 mediates Anti-apoptotic Ceramidase Activity in Breast Cancer.

Cancer Res., 80(11):2163-2174



Li X, Zhao Y, Chen C, Yang L, Lee HH, Wang Z, Zhang N, Kolonin MG, An Z, Ge X, Scherer PE, Sun K. 2020.

The critical role of MMP14 in adipose tissue remodeling during obesity.

Mol Cell Biol., 30;40(8). pii: e00564-19.



Zaki P, Domingues ELBC, Amjad FM, Narde MB, Gonçalves KR, Viana ML, de Paula H, de Lima WG, Huang H, Bahia MT, Scherer PE, Dos Santos FM, Weiss LM, Tanowitz HB. 2020.

The role of fat on cardiomyopathy outcome in mouse models of chronic Trypanosoma cruzi infection.

Parasitol Res., 119(6):1845



Williams T, Guerrero-Ros I, Ma Y, Matos Dos Santos F, Scherer PE, Gordillo R, Horta A, Macian F, Weiss LM, Huang H. 2020.

Induction of effective immunity against Trypanosoma cruzi.

Williams T, Guerrero-Ros I, Ma Y, Matos Dos Santos F, Scherer PE, Gordillo R,

Infect Immun., 23;88(4)



Delitsikou V, Jarad G, Rajaram RD, Ino F, Rutkowski JM, Chen CD, Santos CXC, Scherer PE, Abraham CR, Shah AM, Feraille E, Miner JH, de Seigneux S. 2020.

Klotho regulation by albuminuria is dependent on ATF3 and endoplasmic reticulum stress.

FASEB J, 34(2):2087-2104



Song A, Dai W, Jang MJ, Medrano L, Li Z, Zhao H, Shao M, Tan J, Li A, Ning T, Miller MM, Armstrong B, Huss JM, Liu Y, Zhu Y, Gradinaru V, Wu X, Jiang L, Scherer PE, Wang QA. 2020.

Low- and high-thermogenic brown adipocyte subpopulations coexist in murine adipose tissue.

  1. Clin Inv., 130(1):247-257.



Frankl J , Sherwood A, Clegg DJ, Scherer PE, Öz OK. 2019.

Imaging Metabolically Active Fat: A Literature Review and Mechanistic Insights

Int J Mol Sci., 5;20(21)



Ferrè S, Deng Y, Huen SC, Lu CY, Scherer PE, Igarashi P, Moe OW. 2019.

Renal tubular cell spliced X-box binding protein 1 (Xbp1s) has a unique role in sepsis-induced acute kidney injury and inflammation.

Kidney Int., 96(6):1359-1373



Caron A, Reynolds RP, Castorena CM, Michael NJ, Lee CE, Lee S, Berdeaux R, Scherer PE, Elmquist JK. 2019.

Adipocyte Gs but not Gi signaling regulates whole-body glucose homeostasis.

Mol Metab., 27:11-21


Reprint: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.molmet.2019.06.019


Wang X, Deng Y, Zhang G, Li C, Ding G, May HI, Tran DH, Luo X, Jiang DS, Li DL, Wei X, Xu L, Ferdous A, Gillette TG, Scherer PE, Jiang X, Wang ZV. 2019.

Spliced X-Box Binding Protein 1 Stimulates Adaptive Growth Through Activation of mTOR.

Circulation, 140(7):566-579



Chen G, Ribeiro CMP, Sun L, Okuda K, Kato T, Gilmore RC, Martino MB, Dang H, Abzhanova A, Lin JM, Hull-Ryde EA, Volmer AS, Randell SH, Livraghi-Butrico A, Deng Y, Scherer PE, Stripp BR, O’Neal WK, Boucher RC. 2019.

XBP1S Regulates MUC5B in a Promoter Variant-Dependent Pathway in IPF Airway Epithelia.

Am J Respir Crit Care Med., 200(2):220-234



Furman JL, Soyombo A, Czysz AH, Jha MK, Carmody TJ, Mason BL, Scherer PE, Trivedi MH. 2019.

Adiponectin Moderates Antidepressant Treatment Outcome in the Combining Medications to Enhance Depression Outcomes Randomized Clinical Trial.

Pers Med Psychiatry, Aug-Sep; 9-10: 1–7



Beaudry JL, Kaur KD, Varin EM, Baggio LL, Cao X, Mulvihill EE, Stern JH, Campbell JE, Scherer PE, Drucker DJ. 2019.

The brown adipose tissue glucagon receptor is functional but not essential for control of energy homeostasis in mice.

Mol. Metab., 22: 37–48



Chakraborty A, Barajas S, Lammoglia GM, Reyna AJ, Chakraborty A, Morley TS, Johnson JA, Scherer PE, Rutkowski JM. 2019.

VEGF-D overexpression and lymphatic expansion in murine adipose tissue improves metabolism in obesity.

Am J Pathol., 189(4):924-939



Peri-Okonny P, Baskin KK, Iwamoto G, Mitchell JH, Smith SA, Kim HK, Szweda LI, Bassel-Duby R, Fujikawa T, CastorenaCM, Richardson J, Shelton JM, Ayers C, Berry JD, Malladi VS, Hu MC, Moe OW, Scherer PE, Vongpatanasin W. 2019.

High-Phosphate Diet Induces Exercise Intolerance and Impairs Fatty Acid Metabolism in Mice.

Circulation, 139(11):1422-1434



Stern JH, Arriaga Y, Gupta A, Verma U, Karri S, Syed S, Khosama L, Mansour J, Meyer J, Scherer PE, Beg MS. 2019.

Fasting and Glucose-Stimulated Changes in Plasma Glucagon in Pancreatic Cancer: Potential Biomarkers for Detection?

Pancreas, 48(1):e1-e3



Sun F, You J, Lei Y, Sun L, Garza J, Zhang D, Guo M, Scherer PE, Lodge D, Lu XY. 2019.

Adiponectin, via AdipoR1, modulates ventral tegmental area dopamine neuronal activity and anxiety-related behavior.

Mol. Psychiatry, 24(1): 126–144.