Touchstone Diabetes Center

Papers of the Week

Metabolic Functions of G Protein-Coupled Receptors /Mitochondria transported from adipocytes in extracellular vesicles


Monday, September 13


9:15 AM – Virtual Meeting

No Touchstone Group Meeting this week




Tuesday, September 14


12 Noon – Virtual Meeting

Cell Biology Seminar Series

James Collins, Ph.D.

UTSW’s Department of Pharmacology

“Drugs, Sex and Worms: Exploring Schistosome Biology to Uncover New Therapeutic Avenues”

Host: Maralice Conacci-Sorrell


4 PM – Virtual Meeting

Scherer Lab Post-Doc Applicant Seminar

Xiaohui Kong, PhD candidate

School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University

CV and link to talk will be sent around




Wednesday, September 15


4:00 PM – VA Transgender Study Group

Link as per invite




Thursday, September 16




Friday, September 17


8 AM – Virtual Meeting

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

Benjamin Levi, M.D.

Center for Organogenesis & Trauma, UTSWMC

Abby Culver, M.D.

Department of Plastic Surgery, UTSWMC

“Scar Wars: A new hope for scars”


11:00 AM – Cell Bio Seminar Room

CB Admin Meeting


12 Noon – Virtual Meeting

Touchstone MiniGroup Meeting

Link as per invite