Touchstone Diabetes Center

Paper of the Week


Monday, August 10


9:15 AM – Virtual Meeting

Scherer Lab Meeting

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Tuesday, August 11


12 Noon – Virtual Meeting

Touchstone Diabetes Center Seminar

Wen-Hong Li, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Cell Biology

“A zinc-centric approach for studying human islet cell physiology and diabetes ”

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Wednesday, August 12




Thursday, August 13




Friday, August 14


8 AM – Virtual Meeting

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

William Lee, M.D. 

                   Robert J. Fontana, M.D.

                   R.Todd Stravitz, M.D.

                   Valerie Durkalski-Mauldin, Ph.D.

Department of Internal Medicine, Division of General Medicine

“Acute Liver Failure (ALF) and ALF Study Group: A Clinical Trial Network for a Rare Disease” 

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12 Noon – Virtual Event

Scherer/Unger Subgroup Meeting