Touchstone Diabetes Center

Paper of the Week


Monday, September 14


9:15 AM – Virtual Group Meeting

Scherer Lab Meeting

Link will be sent around before the meeting


12 Noon Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center Distinguished Lecture Series

Russell Jones, PhD

Center for Cancer and Cell Biology

Van Andel Research Institute

Grand Rapids, MI

“Metabolic Control of Immune Cell Function”




Tuesday, September 15


10:30 AM – Virtual Meeting

Touchstone Diabetes Center Seminar

Toshiharu Onodera, PhD

Touchstone Diabetes Center

UT Southwestern

“Osaka, Houston and Dallas – Beyond Sushi and Steak: Phenotypic Differences of Adiponectin Null Mice as a Function of Geographic Origin””


12 Noon – Virtual Meeting

Leading Edge of Cell Biology Seminar Series

Barak Blum, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology

University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health

“Robo Receptors and Their Ligand Slit in Morphogensis and Function of the Islet of Langerhans”

Host: Wen-Hong Li




Wednesday, September 16



Thursday, September 17



Friday, September 18


8 AM – Virtual Meeting

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

Uma Gunasekaran, M.D.

Department of Internal Medicine

“Decentralizing Outpatient Diabetes Care: A Collaborative Approach”

See announcement for zoom link


12 Noon – Virtual Event

Scherer Subgroup Meeting

Link will be sent around before the meeting